Well, in keeping with my tendency to be a late adapter of technology (I still don’t have a cell phone and my beloved Ipod is years out of date), I’m starting a blog about ten years after the dawn of blogging. If previous years have been any guide though, I should have plenty to write about! And if my first entries bore you to death, check in about a month from now when I’ll have “American Idol” to kick around (yes, you read that right… I don’t plan to start commenting until Hollywood week because searching for greatness during the auditions is a lost cause. Of course, sometimes searching for greatness in the finale can also be tough!)…

In the next few weeks, I can promise you reports on my encounters with such stars as Eva Longoria and Sylvester Stallone, but first off I thought I’d start with a look back… all the way back to 2007! Why, it seems like only yesterday…

Anyway, here’s my lists of my favorite movies and music of the past year:

In 2007, I had a job that took a lot of my time for a good half of the year, so I didn’t see nearly as many movies as I usually would. And since I see so many movies for free, anything I miss, I usually wait to see on DVD, so while the likes of “Live Free Or Die Hard” might have made the list, I haven’t seen it yet.

Here we go…

1. No Country For Old Men

Perhaps the most intense movie I’ve ever seen. In the theater, the audience was so into it, I was sure I was seeing this year’s Best Picture, at least until the cerebral ending left the audience hanging and unsure whether to clap. But as time goes on, the ending fades and the emotions and excitement remain with you.

2. Shoot ‘Em Up

Well, “The Matrix” is my favorite movie of all time for its blend of great sci-fi ideas and John Woo style gunplay. This one just had the gunplay, but was still loads of fun. Plus I saw it at Comic-Con knowing nothing about it, which just added to the surprise.

3. Spiderman 3

The only movie I paid to see all year, and I saw it after it had been out a while, which meant I had heard it was awful… and it wasn’t! Lots of great superhero action.

4. Alvin And The Chipmunks

This was a shoo-in for my list, as I worked on the movie, visited every set and even got to see my name in the credits of a film for the first time ever! But the movie was plenty of fun and most importantly, they (well, animation director Chris Bailey and special effects house Rhythm & Hues) made the munks look cute.

5. Beowulf

The first thing my friend Bret said when the movie started was, “They look like the characters in ‘Shrek.'” Not an auspicious beginning, but the movie sure did improve from there. Thrilling action sequences made even more exciting by 3-D.

6. Bee Movie

Ray Liotta Private Select Honey… now that’s comedy!

7. I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry

Yes, the critics hated it, but it was definitely the funniest movie I saw all year.

8. Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Normally I’m not too excited by costume dramas, but Clive Owen’s turn as Sir Walter Raleigh was very entertaining and it was easy to follow the twists and turns of a plot filled with palace intrigue.

9. Eastern Promises

Seeing this and “No Country For Old Men” right in a row added up to more throat slashings than “Sweeney Todd.” But Viggo Mortensen is terrific.

10. The Bucket List

Exactly what you’d expect from the previews, but it’s always a joy to see Jack being Jack.

And how could we forget the worst movies of ’07?

1. The Amateurs

Amateur is the word, all right!

2. Southland Tales

A perfectly good science fiction idea ruined by bad satire.

3. El Cantante

I always have trouble feeling sorry for drug addicted heroes, especially when they’re the center of a boring movie.

4. Evan Almighty

Once again, comedy and big special effects are a hard mix to get right.

5. The first 20 minutes of Juno

I couldn’t stand this movie at first. The nonstop cleverness of the dialogue coming out of the mouths of high schoolers bothered the hell of me. But once Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman turn up, the emotions take center stage and the film ends up a winner.

And finally my Top Ten favorite songs of 2007:

1. Big Girls Don’t Cry – Fergie

I always say the greatest songs are ones that manage to say something new about love, and this one does. Who knew Fergie had it in her?

2. One Chance – America

Yes, America put out a new album (“Here And Now”) this year. This was one of those situations when I heard the right song when I needed it. And it’s darn catchy too…

3. Wonderful World – James Morrison

A song to dance through your tears, as well as my pick for the perfect goodbye song on “American Idol,” at least until I heard “Home.”

4. Forward – Ayla Brown

And speaking of “American Idol,” here’s someone who should have lasted longer than she did (and if she had sung “Unwritten” a few months later after the world fell in love with it, she would have). Nevertheless, this is a great love song.

5. “I Think We’re Alone Now” – Girls Aloud

A great danceable version of the Tommy James & The Shondells classic. Puts Tiffany to shame…

6. Everybody – Keith Urban

Every album Mr. Urban comes up with a classic ballad, and this is the latest.

7. Love Story – Katherine McPhee

Even though I liked this song in 2006, it was released as a single in ’07 and I still couldn’t get enough…

8. Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol

It took me a long time to start liking this song, but fortunately it stayed on the radio long enough for that to happen…

9. Lisa – Ernie Halter

A local L.A. artist whose songs are full of soul.

10. Radio Nowhere – Bruce Springsteen

The return of the rocker!

Maybe I should have saved the music list for tomorrow, so I would have something to write about then! Thanks for joining me on this adventure in blogging. I’ll talk to you soon…


3 Responses to “HELLO OUT THERE!”

  1. Flash Says:

    Congrats – Bri, I look forward to your blogs!!

    By the way – “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry” was awful. I usually agree with your movie reviews, but this film SUCKED. (Just my 2 cents.)


  2. boosterzz Says:

    nice first step……look forward to reading more……

  3. Sophie Says:

    Please demote I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry from your list. I would think only pimply-faced 15 year old boys (no offense kids) would get off on all the cheap sophomoric titty humor.

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