So tonight if I’m not too tired after checking out all the returning talk shows, I’m going to enjoy some episodes of the excellent BBC series, “Life On Mars.” They’re currently showing the second season on BBC America and some friends I introduced to the series are taping the episodes for me.

The show’s about a police detective named Sam Tyler (played by the very likable John Simm) who gets hit by a car in 2007 and wakes up in 1973, a time when his fellow policemen, led by the hard edged, blustery Gene Hunt (the great Philip Glenister), have never heard of forensics and prefer to plant evidence on suspects when they’re not beating them up. Not only are the weekly detective stories interesting, but there’s a larger arc concerning Sam: is he in a coma in 2007 and fighting to stay alive or did he really travel back in time? Highly recommended!

Oh, and anyone who’s missing “24” due to the postponement of the season, check out another BBC series called “MI-5.” Unlike “24,” each episode stands on its own, but the show, called “Spooks” in Britain, is every bit as exciting as its American cousin, just a little more realistic. And unlike “Life On Mars,” five seasons are available on DVD here in the U.S.


2 Responses to “LIFE ON MARS”

  1. Flash Says:

    Love – “Life on Mars”


  2. Sophie Says:

    You like BBC? You have to check out Little Britian and The Conchords.

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