People often ask me who was your favorite celebrity to interview (the runner-up question is who’s the best looking celeb, to which I always answer Amanda Peet). But how should I choose my favorite? Is it the funniest star? The most truthful actor? Is it the person I got some new information out of?

Some of my favorite junket memories are the times celebs appealed to my ego by complimenting my questions (hey, I’m human!). During my first interview with Vin Diesel for “The Fast And The Furious,” I remembered that Vin supposedly attended parties over the years given by one of my friends, so I used that info to formulate a question. I asked him, “I bet before you were famous, you used to go out and create a scene in order to attract attention, but once you became famous, you’ve tried to keep a low profile.” Vin looked up at me and said, “You really get me.”

That wasn’t my last success with Vin though. At the interviews for “The Chronicles Of Riddick,” someone commented about the colorblind ethnic casting in Vin’s movies. He said, “Well, you all know the name of my production company, right?” Well, it turns out no one did… except for me, mainly because I had just read the notes on the movie. I said, “One Race,” and Vin replied, “You get to ask the next question.” Of course, at the time, I thought One Race referred to the car races in “The Fast And The Furious” and not how we’re all human beings…

Perhaps the greatest boon to my ego (aside from the time a lovely member of a top girl group told me I had the most beautiful eyes) was when I got the chance to interview the late Dan Fogelberg when I was working on Dick Clark’s “Countdown America” radio show. The publicist told us Dan liked to be interviewed by women, so we should send a female to the interview. But it was my job and I was determined to do it! As it turned out, the interview went so well, I ended up staying an extra half hour over my allotted time. I think Dan appreciated my knowledge of his music and that led to him enjoying himself.

More junket memories in part two, coming soon!



  1. Flash Says:

    Great behind the scenes info – can’t wait for part 2

  2. C. Fleury Says:

    Hey Brian – Great start!

  3. Sophie Says:

    I’d like to know what you were wearing to the Fogelberg interview. That may explain the extra half hour.

    Keep the anecdotes coming!

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