Spent Sunday at the Los Angeles Comic Book & Science Fiction Convention selling at the Astounding Comics table (well, actually four tables). The next table down from ours was the guest table, featuring the current artist for DC Comics’ “Supergirl,” Drew Johnson, as well as Brian Lynch, the writer of “Angel: After the Fall,” IDW’s  comic book sequel to Joss Whedon’s TV series, “Angel.”

With my excellent vantage point, I was able to go over and talk to Brian a few times when the line to say hello to him was short. The first time I got a poster signed for some friends of mine. Later I thought of a question I had wondered about after reading the first issue, so I asked him, “Why didn’t any of the characters die in the epic battle that ended the TV show?” Brian had a logical answer: If they were going to kill anyone, why not do it within the comic and get to use those emotional moments?  I then added that I thought the comic really improved from issue one to issue two. He agreed and said that he thought issue three was even better.  In fact, he said Angel dies in issue three! He then assured me he was kidding and that he didn’t want to see that Angel was going to die all over the internet! He did admit though that there might be some pretty important deaths ahead.

I then asked if there would be a big bad in the series. He said for now it was Gunn, but there might be some other villains coming up too.

Tomorrow, I’ll leave Angel’s L.A. behind for a trip to the Buffyverse, or so I’ll be pretending when I interview Sarah Michelle Gellar for her new film, “The Air I Breathe”…


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