I had a big phone interview lined up for Saturday with Nelly Furtado for the sixth edition of “The Billboard Book of Number One Hits.” Nelly was scheduled to call me at 3:45 in the afternoon, so I got up late, went out for lunch and returned in plenty of time for the interview… only to discover that the power in my apartment was out, knocking out my telephone and tape recorder! Seems a power line went down across the street. I quickly packed up my taping gear and rushed out to set up the equipment at a friend’s home, but then Nelly got busy with pre-Grammy events and the interview never took place. But she definitely made up for it the next day, calling me exactly at 11 in the morning and staying on the phone for forty minutes.

I was worried going into the interview that Nelly might be bored of talking about her album, “Loose,” which came out back in 2006. But she turned out to be in a good mood and still enthusiastic about her most recent music. Some of the interesting tidbits were that the number one “Promiscuous” reminds her of the music Salt-N-Pepa made when she was a teen, that “Say It Right” is her favorite of all the songs she’s recorded even if she isn’t quite sure what it’s about and that she’s about to release a new single, a redone version of the “Loose” song, “In God’s Hands,” as a duet with country star Keith Urban.

Nelly concluded the interview by saying her mandate as an artist is to never repeat herself and to always strive to outdo herself. I wish her luck in that quest and look forward to her next album!


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