It’s Sixties Night, and that can be tough because songs from that era were mostly light and fun and without the dramatic weight you need to impress the judges and the audience. I think the ladies might have an easier time of it tomorrow, as there might be more dramatic songs for them to choose from like “To Sir With Love,” “Angel Of The Morning” and “Harper Valley P.T.A.” So let’s see what we got tonight:

DAVID HERNANDEZ – “In The Midnight Hour”

He gave the song a dramatic, slowed down opening, but on the whole, not too exciting. There’s not a lot of depth to the lyric so you need a great soulful voice to make it something special and David doesn’t quite have that.

CHIKEZIE – “More Today Than Yesterday”

Chikezie reminded me of Carlton from “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.” A daring arrangement of what should be a joyful song, he gives it a smooth performance. He’ll need to add some drama to his singing if he wants to hang around.

DAVID COOK – “Happy Together”

He seemed to give a performance that was tossed off and nonchalant, yet  he had excellent tonal control. Has to work on his facial expressions, which made it seem like what he was singing was a joke. Still, one of the better performances of the night.

JASON YEAGER – “Moon River”

Nice enough, and with that smile, the Tom Cruise of this year’s competition. Not too different from what Michael Buble would do with a song like that, but ripped by the judges anyway for being too laid back and uninteresting.


Very professional job. He has an excellent voice and did himself a lot of good with this performance.


Just when I was wondering if they were saving the Motown catalog for another night, David gives the best performance of the evening on the Miracles’ first top ten hit. I wish the judges would stop harping on his age as he sounds older than he is and at 17, he’s no kid.

DANNY NORIEGA – “Jailhouse Rock”

This seemed a bit rushed tempo wise, but just fine vocally. He would have been better off if he had stood at a microphone stand since it might have added some drama (I lip synced this song at a talent show in college, so I know what I’m talking about. Of course, I wore an Elvis costume and Danny didn’t…).

LUKE MENARD – “Everybody’s Talkin'”

A good looking guy, but the song just didn’t allow for an exciting performance. I did enjoy it when he went for the high notes. He’ll probably say goodbye tomorrow night, although I’d like to hear him sing something else.

COLTON BERRY – “Suspicious Minds”

Colton was certainly enjoying himself, but he could have used a bigger voice on this Elvis classic. Colton seems like he would fit in well with a boy band. He would have been the one contestant who could have pulled off a fun sixties song, but instead picked one that was beyond him.

GARRETT HALEY – “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”

Garrett seems like he came out of a time machine from the seventies. His look just screams teen idol. Unfortunately, he seems the least experienced onstage and comes across blase about his big break. It made me laugh that he did Neil Sedaka’s sixties hit with the arrangement Neil used when he re-recorded the song in 1975. We lost Kyle Ensley for this?

JASON CASTRO – “Daydream”

Seemed like a bar singalong because he played guitar, but the judges liked it. I enjoyed his jazzy vocals and effortless  falsetto. He’s a dark horse who makes me want to hear more. He also resembles a celebrity, but I just can’t place who it is. It’ll come to me.

MICHAEL JOHNS – “Light My Fire”

Michael should have entered “Rock Star INXS.” Not quite Jim Morrison, but in the ballpark. I’m waiting to see some originality from him, but he’s certainly one of the top contenders.

Finally, is this the year Simon finally comes to blows with Paula Abdul? She was making sense tonight (although she could have used some better eye makeup), but Simon couldn’t have looked more bored when she or Randy were speaking. Maybe he’s the one who’s been spiking Paula’s drinks all these years so he can get more uninterrupted speaking time…

Oh, and the best song of the night? I changed over to ABC to watch “Boston Legal” and caught the last minute or two of “Carpoolers.” They were playing “Someday Someway,” the biggest hit by one of my all time favorite artists, Marshall Crenshaw. Not that I would perform the song on Idol. Not quite enough drama to it…



  1. Sophie Says:

    If Michael Johns doesn’t win, I’m going to fast for as long as I can stand it.

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