Wasn’t able to see everyone on the show tonight as I kept getting interrupted by phone calls. Here’s who I saw:


I don’t think she’ll be getting her horse back. A good voice, but she ran out of steam by the end due to the repetitious arrangement of the song. Also, her facial expressions were a bit too theatrical and her new hair style didn’t do her any favors.

Missed the full performances of JOANNE BORGELLA and ALAINA WHITAKER, so I won’t comment.

AMANDA OVERMYER – “Baby Please Don’t Go”

I used to say if Elvis had a daughter, it was Wynonna Judd. Now Amanda’s in the running. Adding a bit of blues to her previous rock excellence, she showed up her competition.

AMY DAVIS – “Where The Boys Are”

An O.K. performance from a voice with a hint of Patsy Cline. The judges ripped her for the sixties sound of the arrangement, which makes me wonder what will happen if they do fifties or swing night…

BROOKE WHITE – “Happy Together”

Better than David Cook last night. She brings the joy of a country singer without the twang, which may not bode well for her commercial future.


She made it contemporary, but I, like Simon, thought her night notes were a little shaky.

KADY MALLOY – “Groovy Kind Of Love”

I liked this performance, but the judges sure didn’t.

ASIA’H EPPERSON – “Piece Of My Heart”

I thought this one was a little over the top. You’re singing about letting someone tearing out a piece of your heart, so it shouldn’t be too happy. A little grit please.

RAMIELE MALUBAY – “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me”

A good voice, but not as dramatic as past performances of this “Idol” standard. Remember Nadia Turner?

SYESHA MERCADO – “Tobacco Road”

Sassy and sexy. Just wait until she tackles a song that people know.

CARLY SMITHSON – “The Shadow Of Your Smile”

Impressive. She may win me over yet… although I listened to her 2001 album, “Ultimate High,” today, and if she does become this year’s American Idol, she better do way better. Many of the songs were written from the point of view of an 16 year old, but Carly’s voice at the time was way too mature for those songs to work, plus the lyrics weren’t all that special. No wonder it failed. Nice job on two of the ballads on the album though…

Summing up, many of the girls were a disappointment tonight, but once we’re down to the Top 8 or so, it should be quite a race!


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