I’m not much of a gadget guy. I still don’t own a cell phone, and I never had a cordless phone at home until someone gave me one as a gift a year ago. I’ve never texted anyone either.

But somehow over the years, I have been an early adopter of certain technology. I had a Betamax in college (not such a good idea) and I was also ahead of the curve when I bought an Ipod in 2003. Sure, it was just one month before Apple announced a redesign that included a longer lasting battery, but it was still the best item I’ve ever bought! In fact,  working on my Itunes file seems to have become on of my main hobbies!

I’m currently at 2239 songs. Early on, I decided I only wanted songs that I would want to hear every time they came on, songs that I would never, ever want to skip. So I concentrated on fast, energetic music. But I soon learned that as you add more and more songs, you think, “Why not have a song I’d like if I just heard it once in a while?” Because once you get past a thousand songs, there is no one song you’ll hear a lot.

Having an Ipod has changed the way I listen to music. Instead of deciding whether I like the songs on a new CD, I’m really deciding if any of them are good enough to add to my Itunes. I’ve scoured libraries all over town looking for songs. My most recent find was a song I heard on the radio and loved immediately, which the announcer said was by Los Lonely Boys. I borrowed their first album and found out the song was called “More Than Love.” Now I’ll have it forever…

I think the best thing about owning an Ipod is every so often, you’ll hear one of those songs you know you’ll never hear on the radio again. I get a lot of joy from when something like “Love Changes (Everything),” “Smoke From A Distant Fire” or “The King Of Wishful Thinking” comes on. Then there are the songs I would never hear if I didn’t have an Ipod (mainly because I threw out my last record player years ago). A friend of mine who’s a music engineer, Steve Nelson, did me the favor of taking some of my favorite songs from old albums that never came out on CD, cleaning them up and yes, putting them on CD to transfer to my Itunes file. That’s why I can now listen to an obscure seventies favorite like Parker McGee’s “I Just Can’t Say No To You” (which used to get played a lot on my college radio show) or songs from the Australian movie musical, “Star Struck,” anytime I want. Then there are what I consider my secret favorites, songs that hardly anyone else has heard of, like Katrina Leskanich’s slowed down take on Tracey Ullman’s “They Don’t Know” or the seven songs I have on my Ipod from Andy Pratt’s album, “Resolution.”

Currently, the top artist in my Itunes is Barry Manilow with 45 songs (which makes sense considering I have more of Manilow CD’s than any other artist’s). The Beatles take second place with 40 songs and Bruce Springsteen is third with 33. The top country artist is Trisha Yearwood with 21 songs, while the “American Idol” contestant with the most is Kelly Clarkson with 10.

Just like every picture tells a story, so does every song on my Ipod. If you don’t have one, what’s keeping you?


2 Responses to “IPOD PEOPLE”

  1. Flash Says:

    Beatles – really… You sure they don’t deserve their own Ipod…

    I actually like adding all the songs of an album to my Itunes. Then when I get an obscure one that I never would have put in there by choice – it’s all that much more refreshing.

    Rock On!

  2. andy pratt Says:

    thank you very much for liking and mentioning some of my music.
    Just so people know, it’s easy to find. Most of my catalog, including Resolution, is available at
    i like being discovered
    blessings to all

    Andy Pratt

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