So a few days ago after I posted my thoughts on the “American Idol” Top 24 girls’ faceoff, I got a comment from someone named Wally. He took me to task for not watching the entire show before I wrote about it, saying I shouldn’t be a critic if I’m not going to see the whole thing (I had gotten a few phone calls during the show, causing me to miss two of the performances). I deleted his comment because I thought it had an angry tone to it, plus I disagreed with his premise. After all, I’m blogging for fun, to share some of my thoughts and stories, and in the process, maybe improve my writing skills, so if I’m writing about “Idol” and miss a performance, so what? It isn’t like there aren’t plenty of places that people can read reviews of “Idol” (although it is a shame we lost Judge Jru, the greatest of all Idol bloggers, who quit last year).

Then today I got another comment from Wally. This time he said he checked my blog and found I hadn’t posted his first comment and that if his latest comment wasn’t approved, it would show I couldn’t handle criticism. Although this comment showed a more civil tone, I decided to delete it because it wouldn’t make any sense if you hadn’t read his previous one. But now that you know the story, perhaps you’ll see another Wally comment pop up soon that I will post.

Either way, it is interesting to think about what I owe my readership, most of whom I thought were friends who were nice enough to take a look at what I wrote. Maybe joining the “American Idol” train has turned that around. After all, a few days ago, I had my second biggest day ever when it comes to readers. So maybe I should stop answering the phone while watching “Idol.” I’m already doing just that during “Lost”…


7 Responses to “WALLY HATER”

  1. Flash Says:

    Keep up the commentary!!! I enjoy your thoughtful opinions.

    Oh – But “Lost” I dunno, pisses me off, so many questions – no answers…

  2. Wally Says:

    Well, since you’ve acknowledged my existence, you’ve given credibility to my comments.

    My original comment indicated that you cannot be a credible critic if you are unable to observe the entire performance. It would appear to me that you had your priorities misplaced when answering the phone rather than paying attention to a program you intended to make comments.

    I was relying on your commentary, along with my own observations in an effort to predict the outcome of Thursday’s eliminations. One of the girls just didn’t ring any bells so I went to your blog to refresh my memory. Sadly, you missed her performance as well. You see, when you publish you become a resource to people like me. If you can’t be accurate and complete at this point, how am I to rely on you when the competition gets tight?

    Let me give you an example. A sports reporter is watching a baseball game and it’s all pretty boring with a few hits and walks but no runs through the fifth inning. In the top of the sixth the visitors load the bases but the reporter has given up on the game and is now watching a movie on his iPod. The home team, through some extraordinary luck and skill make a triple play.

    During the home half of the sixth inning a single run is scored and after that it’s just pitch and catch through the top of the ninth. The reporter writes his story, blah, blah, blah, just a slow game with nothing of interest happening other than the home team wins.

    Can you understand now, why it is important to pay attention to everything that happens when reviewing an event. That reporter would have looked even less competent had he made the excuse that he was watching, “Die Hard, With A Vengeance” rather than paying attention to the ball game.

    If I come across as angry, it is because I have high expectations of people who wish to publicly criticize others. I expect them to be accurate and complete.

    One last thing, I’m not a hater as you have suggested. If posting criticism makes me a hater, what does that say about Brian and the “American Idol” contestants. Grow up Brian, take it in stride and try to improve yourself, otherwise save it all for the water cooler at the office.


  3. Trudy Says:

    I think your comments are always insightful, whether you miss one of two of the performances or not… Who cares? At least you own up to it, which is more than most bloggers. You rock!!

  4. Brian Says:

    Wally’s latest comment seemed more well reasoned, so I put it in. I probably shouldn’t have headed the entry Wally Hater, but I just enjoyed the fact it rhymed with the old cartoon character Wally Gator. I should have called it Wally World, but I just couldn’t help myself. Sorry, Wally!

  5. Wally Says:

    Just a couple of words here, Brian. Thanks for allowing that my comment was ‘well reasoned’, not that the first, much shorter version was not as well reasoned. It was abrupt, I’m not writing the blog here.

    I don’t bill myself as a “Celeb Interviewer”, claiming professional status. If my first comment seemed angry, so what. And to delete it simply because you disagreed.. Come now Brian, where’s the professionalism? I suppose there might be some logic in then deleting the second comment, though it was complete in and of itself.

    You say that you write your blog to “improve your writing skills” but fail to take criticism gracefully.

    I’m not angry, I’m not your enemy, I’m not your friend. I’m a reader in search of information. I have opinions and the “Submit Comment” box at the bottom of the page indicates that you would like to hear them.

    I’m truly sorry that it has taken me so many words to get a point across to you. If you want to be a writer, be accurate or write fiction. People will disagree, listen to them, you might learn something.

    Once again, I include my address for those of you who wish to communicate further.

    “Wakky” Wally

  6. Sophie Says:

    Wally..settle down. It is clear that Brian’s purpose to blog is to develop his writing and have fun during the process. What he writes doesn’t matter. How he writes does. And so far his writing has been engaging, intriguing, and entertaining. Now that’s a critique!

  7. lincoln1 Says:

    Ah ha – Wally is really Simon!

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