During my high school years in Lancaster, PA, I used to spend just about every day in the summer hanging out with my friends at the pool at the Host Town Motel. Just a mile or so away was a department store called Nichol’s that I would walk to a few days a week and buy record albums.

I would buy LP’s by artists whose songs I liked on the radio or that I saw on “American Bandstand.” As I got more into music, I got a subscription to Rolling Stone magazine. Living in Lancaster, I didn’t get to go see big time concerts, so reading the concert reviews were the closest I would get to seeing Bruce Springsteen at the Bottom Line or Elton John at Dodger Stadium (I’ve made up for that lack since). I also often took the advice of their album reviewers and tried out records that got high ratings. That’s how I discovered some of my favorite artists like Marshall Crenshaw, Rosanne Cash and a singer/songwriter/pianist named Andy Pratt. Reviewer Stephen Holden said that “Pratt has forever changed the face of rock” with his album, “Resolution,” so I had to hear it for myself.

It turned out that “Resolution” was a perfect mix of majestic yet tender ballads and bouncy midtempo pop. The album led off with the title song, which soon became one of my go-to songs (along with “Reach” by Orleans) whenever I needed to be lifted out of a bad mood or needed the courage to call a girl and ask her out. I tried to live the words of the chorus:

I won’t stay this way anymore

I’m gonna fight, I’m gonna win

Won’t hold myself down anymore

And I won’t turn away from a friend

Gonna try and spread my wings

See what this life of mine can bring

A few years ago when CD’s took over, I junked my record player, which could have meant I would never hear “Resolution” again. Fortunately the record company Razor & Tie put out “Resolution: The Andy Pratt Collection” on CD. It contained the entire “Resolution” album, plus a few of Andy’s other great songs from that era.

The CD release enabled me to put some of Andy’s songs on my Ipod, a fact that I mentioned in my recent post, “Ipod People.” Imagine my surprise when I received an e-mailed comment from Andy Pratt himself. Not wanting to let it get lost in the comments section, I decided to reproduce it here:

Thank you very much for liking and mentioning some of my music. Just so people know, it’s easy to find. Most of my catalog, including Resolution, is available at
I like being discovered
Blessings to all

Andy Pratt

Let me just add that I want to thank Mr. Pratt for all his music has meant to me over the years. Now go click on the link…


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