Really, the judges (well, Randy and Paula anyway) should be ashamed of themselves for saying how good the guys were last night, because they really weren’t. I thought the ladies showed themselves to be much more talented tonight. Let’s see what we’ve got (and remember, I’ll be giving picks for each singer just in case eighties night comes next week)…

CARLY SMITHSON:  “Crazy On You”- Heart

I thought this performance started off the show well. Carly’s main problem was while she sounded good, you couldn’t help but compare her to original singer Ann Wilson’s powerhouse voice and Carly loses out in that comparison. Still, the best rock performance of the night.

EIGHTIES SONG:  “Tell It Like It Is” – Heart

This remake of the Aaron Neville classic would be the perfect soulful ballad for Carly. She could also take on Chicago’s “Look Away” or if she wants to try something fun, Madonna’s “Open Your Heart.”

SYESHA MERCADO: “Me And Mr. Jones”

I thought Syesha gave a smooth and laid back performance. She played well to the camera too. Not a star turn, but hopefully it’ll be enough to keep her in another week.

EIGHTIES SONG:  “The Sweetest Thing (I’ve Ever Known)” – Juice Newton

BROOKE WHITE: “You’re So Vain” – Carly Simon

Funny how her hair didn’t look that good in the interview segment where she was talking about cutting hair. As for the song, I thought her vocal had a nice throatiness on the verses, but I thought she was a little too smiley on the chorus. I’m know she’s the sunniest contestant personality-wise, but this song needs a little bit more anger.

EIGHTIES SONG:  “More Love” – Kim Carnes

I could also see her doing “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” by Deniece Williams if she wants to have dance or “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper if she wants something more dramatic.

RAMIELE MALUBAY: “Don’t Leave Me This Way” – Thelma Houston

I thought this was a perfect vocal on a fun disco song. She could have moved a little more, but I thought her performance was better than the judges did. She probably would have been better off to choose a song with drama and a deeper lyric to please them.

EIGHTIES SONG: “Listen To Your Heart” – Roxette or “Gloria” by Laura Branigan

KRISTY LEE COOK: “You’re No Good” – Linda Ronstadt

A good choice and she did a nice job putting emphasis on certain words in the angry lyric to make her performance better. She also changed the arrangement a bit to make it more dramatic. It was funny to hear Simon say she should try country because whenever someone does country, he says he doesn’t understand it.

EIGHTIES SONG:  “Better Be Good To Me” – Tina Turner

AMANDA OVERMYER – “Carry On Wayward Son” – Kansas

How could someone who would sound good singing most anything pick this one (although my college roommate would have been happy as this was one of his favorite songs)? She needs a big comeback next week.

EIGHTIES SONG:  “Bring Me Some Water” – Melissa Etheridge

ALAINA WHITAKER – “Hopelessly Devoted To You” – Olivia Newton-John

A good vocal, but really nothing special. Unlike Simon, I liked her hair, but I think she’ll be going home tomorrow night.

ALEXANDREA LUSHINGTON – “If You Leave Me Now” – Chicago

Producer/songwriter David Foster once told me that only Peter Cetera could sing the songs they wrote for Chicago, and maybe he was right. Not only was Alexandrea’s version not that exciting, but her choice of shorts didn’t help either. I did like the way she sung the last two lines of the song, which inspired my choice of an eighties song for her.

EIGHTIES SONG:  “Sweet Love” – Anita Baker

KADY MALLOY – “Magic Man” – Heart

I so want to like Kady, but she’s not a rocker and she really should smile more while listening to the judges. Also, her higher notes are more pleasing than her deeper tones, so she should choose poppier songs that show that off.

EIGHTIES SONG: ‘Magic” – Olivia Newton-John

ASIA’H EPPERSON: “All By Myself” – Eric Carmen

That’s right, I said Eric Carmen, not Celine Dion! Anyway, Asia’h belted out the song as well as she could, but lost a couple of notes due to sickness. Another I hope will be around next week after a subpar performance.

EIGHTIES SONG:  “Fame” – Irene Cara


2 Responses to “AMERICAN IDOL 7: TOP 20 – THE GIRLS”

  1. Wally Says:

    Nice job Brian on both nights. I don’t always agree but I don’t always agree with the judges either. That’s why there’s rock ‘n’ roll, country and rap. Everyone doesn’t like everything.

    Keep bloggin’.

  2. sophie Says:

    You should be a consultant to the contestants. You are right on with your recommendations for 80s week.

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