LUKE MENARD – “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”

Well, last week I said I could see Luke pulling off something by George Michael, although this song wasn’t one of the ones I was thinking of. It sounded O.K. Luke didn’t make any mistakes although there’s not a lot of depth to his voice, either in his high or low registers. He’ll probably go home on Thursday, as going in the lead off spot won’t do him any favors.

DAVID ARCHULETA – “Another Day In Paradise”

David showed off a new talent tonight, starting the song off sitting at a piano. This marks two weeks in a row of David performing songs featuring social commentary and a plea for brotherhood. I wasn’t blown away, but I think he was hindered by the song, never one of my favorites from the Phil Collins songbook. I would have rather have heard something like “When I See You Smile” by Bad English. Oh well, there’s always next week (and many weeks after that) for David.

DANNY NORIEGA – “Tainted Love”

The music of the eighties certainly fits the androgynous Danny. This performance reminded me of Michael Damian’s remake of “Rock On” in that both were a modern update of a novelty song. I think Danny is good for another week, although Simon obviously wants him to go.

DAVID HERNANDEZ – “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now”

Kind of laid back in the beginning and a very controlled vocal all the way through. Well done, although I think another song where you wouldn’t be compared to Celine Dion would have made David’s work seem even more impressive.

MICHAEL JOHNS – “Don’t You Forget About Me”

Another good emotional performance that channeled INXS from Michael, but once again there was nothing original about him. I think Michael will be the contestant this year that everyone will be surprised to see leave early during the waning weeks of the competition, a la Chris Daughtry and LaToya London.

DAVID COOK – “Hello”

I didn’t like the grating electric guitar that led off David’s version of the Lionel Richie hit. I think acoustic guitar might have served better, but this certainly proved that David really is a rocker. I think his Bryan Adamish vocal was better than the instrumental backing. Not quite a “moment,” but to quote critic Robert Christgau, he has his sleeveless T-shirt in the ring. The best of the night!

JASON CASTRO – “Hallelujah”

Here’s something that doesn’t happen often… someone sings a song on “Idol” that I didn’t recognize. Still, after a few pops on the mike, it was nicely dramatic and thoughtful from someone who earlier seemed to be just a smiley stoner type.

CHIKEZIE – “All The Woman That I Need”

Is the fix in? Did Fox save Chikezie by putting him last just before the voting? This had some good vocal strength, although I didn’t like it when he strayed into falsetto. Not a great performance, so he’s on the cusp of leaving…



  1. Croix Says:

    I don’t believe anyone is going to be suprised when Michael leaves. He’s only getting votes now because the judges keep telling us his better than he really is. Some believe he’s good because Simon says so. Just wait until Simon’s comments change to reflect what his true abilities are, the comments will start to reflect that on the boards as well.

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