I’m headed for Las Vegas tomorrow. I would have went today, but I had some work to finish so I put the trip off. It looks like I’ll be finished with the project by midnight, so I’ll be able to leave with a clear conscience.

The main reason I’m going this weekend is I have the chance to see Neil Sedaka in concert at the Orleans tomorrow night. Neil is one of a very few of my favorite artists that I haven’t seen in concert. I was hoping to hear Neil perform my favorite song of his, “The Immigrant,” but it happened to pop up on my Ipod today and I realized the anti-illegal immigration crowd might take offense even though the song came out in 1975. It will be interesting to see if Neil plays it.

In other news, I’d have to say America got it right with the Idol eliminations tonight. I did like Asia’h Epperson, but I like Syesha Mercado more, so I’m glad things went the way they did. Of course, the question is if their positions on the show last night were reversed, would Syesha be the one going home?

Look for a report on my trip on Tuesday. I’ll also be covering some fun junkets at the end of next week, featuring George Clooney and Kristin Bell. You know I’ll be taking my “Veronica Mars” Season 1 DVD along to get signed! Hmm, maybe I should change my log line to “Adventures Of A Celeb Autograph Seeker”…


One Response to “WORK STOPPAGE”

  1. Flash Says:

    Did you SEE those “final 12” seats…? They looked so uncomfortable – they made it through the torture of finding out if they stay or go, only have to endure what looked like a steel stool with no back support. Love that Idol!!!

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