This week I attended the press day for “Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay.” Unfortunately, Kal Penn who plays Kumar was off filming “House,” so only John Cho (who plays Harold), Neil Patrick Harris (who plays Neil Patrick Harris), Rob Corddry (who plays the comic nemesis of Harold and Kumar) and the writer/directors were there to represent the movie.

Yes, you read that right. Neil Patrick Harris (known as NPH) plays himself in the movie, albeit a warped wildman version of himself. That made me think of all the dumb questions you could ask Neil about the movie, like “Why do you think you were the best actor for this role?” and “What kind of research did you do to prepare for this part?” But when I asked Neil what was the dumbest question he had gotten about the movie, he said, “Someone asked me this morning if I liked unicorns.” See the movie and that will make sense. You’ll also know why Neil showed us a photo of a porn star named Echo Valley on his Iphone…

John Cho was a bit more serious during our interview, but warmed up when we started talking about his role in the new “Star Trek” film, where he’s playing Sulu. He said George Takei’s work meant a lot to him when he was growing up, so he wanted to do the part justice. John seemed very passionate when talking about the plight of Asian actors in Hollywood.

And speaking of Asian actors in Hollywood, this week also brought us an interview with Jackie Chan, who was promoting his new and very fun film, “The Forbidden Kingdom.” Jackie is paired with Jet Li in the movie, and one of the highlights is a fight between the two of them. It was Jackie’s first screen teaming with Jet, and he described making their fight scene, one of the highlights of the film, as being like play. He said their moves were so fast that the director had to ask them to slow things down.

Jackie believes that video games that put the emphasis on killing have made young people forget that there’s an important philosophy behind the martial arts. He hopes that teens and kids will discover some of the older movies that serve up a bit of morality along with the moves. Jackie ended the interview by talking about how he’ll be recording a song for the Olympics and then sang a bit of an earlier song he did for the Games. Of course, all that was just a prequel to Jackie signing my autograph book in both Chinese and English!




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