It’s back to Broadway with Andrew Lloyd Webber tonight, and after watching the show, I can’t stop singing “Memory” (but that’s not because of Jason Castro’s performance). On with the show…

SYESHA MERCADO – “One Rock And Roll Too Many”

Well, it wasn’t contemporary, unless you’re Christina Aguilera who did a whole bunch of this stuff on her last album. I liked it, but I thought playing around with music director Ricky Minor (who seemed to be channeling Jerome from The Time all night) and the guitarist took away some of Syesha’s focus on her performance. And I’ll be the one to say she was pitchy here and there, since Randy didn’t.


A thoughtful performance, holding back on the vocal theatrics. But I’ve heard many, many great singers do this song, and Jason didn’t measure up.

BROOKE WHITE – “You Must Love Me”

Brooke should get Lord Webber to help her out every week, because for once she captured the right emotion in the lyrics. She also hit every note, but Carly would have done this one better. Brooke just doesn’t have the proper desperation. Oh, and don’t you think the judges would have crucified her if she had gotten the lyrics wrong? She did the right thing by starting over.


Bravo! David gave this song the most contemporary reading of the night. He didn’t overdo his vocal either, although he payed the price as the orchestra drowned him out at times.

CARLY SMITHSON – “Superstar”

Is she the white Tina Turner? The female Michael Johns? Why did it take Andrew Lloyd Webber week to get Carly to sing something soulful? I enjoyed her performance, and I think R&B is a much better fit for her than the classic rock she often does.

DAVID COOK – “The Music Of The Night”

Wasn’t expecting that. David gave a great technical performance, but I would have liked to have seen even more emotion from him. Still, tonight shows that David could win “American Idol.” Before I figured David Archuleta would take the crown because he’d be most comfortable singing the annual “Idol” ballad, but it looks like David C. could give him a run for his money in the big ballad department. Which means we could be in for years of complaining from the Archuleta fans about a conspiracy. Please, anything but that!



  1. Sophie Says:

    When are we going to hear some upbeat music? Did David A. sing anything fast yet? Are ballads the only songs he can sing? They need to pick up the pace.

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