This Sunday night is the 2008 American Music Awards and if today’s rehearsals are any indication, it promises to be a great show!

I went down to the Nokia Theater in downtown L.A. this afternoon and immediately took a seat to watch the lovely Leona Lewis run through her great ballad, “Better In Time.” This is one singer who doesn’t need the Autotune, as she belted out each and every word with emotion, all the while maintaining her balance on an elevated platform. I couldn’t do it, and I don’t even wear heels!

Next up were the Pussycat Dolls, who drove a car onto the stage for their number. Listen for lead singer Nicole Scherzinger’s long-lasting held note on Sunday night’s show.

More simple but just as impressive was Sarah McLachlan who sung one of her beautiful hits, “Angel,” sitting at the piano in a duet with a special surprise guest.

The final artist to hit the stage was Pink, who will be performing her new single, “Sober,” on the show. This week I had a chance to listen to Pink’s latest album, “Funhouse,” and was impressed by the diversity of the songs, both musically as well as lyrically. Pink is a true artist.

In between performances, I got a chance to talk to David Archuleta, who will be presenting an award on Sunday night. David may be celebrating the high debut of his new album on the charts but is even more excited about another achievement. The singer just earned four more merit badges on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout. Now back when I was a Scout, I only made it to the rank right below Eagle, Life, and let me tell you, the requirements for Eagle are not easy. Not only do you have to earn 21 merit badges, but you have to complete a time consuming service project (David’s was planting trees in a park). So congratulations on this impressive achievement.

Of course, David being David, music is the love of his life, so rather than talk, he was much more interested in going into the theater and watching the other performers rehearse (it turns out he’s a fan of the Pussycat Dolls’ lastest hit, “I Hate This Part”).

Look for another AMA update tomorrow night!


3 Responses to “BACKSTAGE AT THE 2008 AMA’S”

  1. nicole Says:

    oh thanks for this!. I cant wait to listen to Sober. I was afraid she was gonna perform So What again. I love that song but its time to make way for the new single 😀

  2. Tabitha Says:

    Do all the presenters rehearse as well?

  3. briguyx Says:

    Some of the presenters do come in during the rehearsals to practice. For instance, I got a chance to talk to David Archuleta on Friday because he was there for that very purpose.

    There are also a few hired stand-ins that read the presenter’s copy during the rehearsals so the director can make sure the various cameramen are in the right place.

    There is also a dress rehearsal the morning of the show. The producers try to get as many of the artists and presenters there for that as possible.

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