I haven’t had a lot of memorable New Year’s Eves. I’ve never gotten that fabled midnight kiss. I have been to a few good parties though.

Probably the best one was also attended by Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire. It was years ago at a mansion in the hills above Silverlake that I later recognized as the setting for the climax of “Scream 3.” While Tobey stuck to the upstairs VIP area, Leo was often downstairs on the first floor and was happy to take photos with his fans. Of course, my wingman Eddie was most excited by the appearance of Milla Jovovich, not that she ever gave him a second look (or a first one for that matter).

I had a little better luck at a New Year’s Eve party a few years later. A promoter had rented the Castle, a house in the Hollywood Hills which was owned by my friend Lance’s father. The Castle was built to look like, you guessed it, a castle. That night I started talking to a couple of ladies who had come together and eventually set my eye on one. I told her how I ended up at the party and she asked, “How long have you and Lance been together?” Naive little me, I replied we’ve known each other for years. Yes, I didn’t realize she thought Lance and I were a couple. I did figure it out a few minutes later. Hopefully she figured it out after I asked her out and got her number…

Other years, I’ve spent New Year’s Eve with some buddies in Palm Springs and seeing Barry Manilow up at the Universal Amphitheater (okay, maybe it wasn’t such a leap to assume I was gay… ). So what’s my excuse for staying home this year?

Well, I’m working. I’m the researcher on “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” and I’ve agreed to stay near my phone and computer until 12:30 east coast time just in case one of the writers has a last minute research question. In fact, they did have one just a few minutes ago: “What is Hillary Clinton called since she hasn’t been confirmed as Secretary of State?” I said go with either nominee for U.S. Secretary of State or nominee-designate. In the end, they decided not to change what they already had in the script. Yes, that’s the kind of thing that earns me a credit at the end of the show…

So whether you’re out at a party or staying in to watch Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest ring in the New Year (you couldn’t be watching one of those motorcycle stunts on the other channels, could you?), all the best to you and yours tonight and in the year to come. Happy New Year!



  1. Flash Says:

    Happy New Year!!!

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