Ah, nothing says disco like Vince Neil of Motley Crue, who was sitting in tonight’s audience…

As a veteran of the disco era, tonight’s “American Idol” should have highlighted some of my favorite music, but it didn’t.  It turns out that while the contestants played it safe with their song choices, they went wild with their arrangements, making for a rather un-disco Disco Night. Let’s see what we got…

“I’M EVERY WOMAN” – Lil Rounds

Obviously Lil is trying to be more of an entertainer in her performance tonight. Unfortunately, she should have chosen a song that gives her more lyrics to sing. Instead, she concentrates on runs and trying to get the audience involved and the judges hammer her for it.


This sounds like something Jason Castro might have done, but Kris is way more comfortable on stage. Yes, it works, but then I think this is kind of cheating. It’s like when I found out I could take a meteorology course in college to fulfill my science requirement instead of the harder chemistry or biology. I want to hear some disco!

“SEPTEMBER” – Danny Gokey

And Danny makes my wish come true, doing “September” with the original arrangement. Unfortunately, the performance is like a kid playing with a light switch that turns Danny’s soul off and on at random. Sometimes he sounds great, sometimes just fair. As always, he sounds good by the time the last chorus comes around.

Because Paula’s critiques this year have been so on point, I hate to hear her yell to Danny, “See you in the finals!” Not that Danny doesn’t have a good shot at being one of the last two standing, but I wouldn’t count Kris out just yet…

“HOT STUFF” – Allison Iraheta

Kara: “That was a nine or ten.” Really? I found it to feature quite a bit of shouting. Here’s an instance where the original arrangement would have worked better. While Allison was my early favorite, she’s fallen behind Kris and Adam in the last two weeks.

“IF I CAN’T HAVE YOU” – Adam Lambert

I know I ripped on Kris a bit for not doing disco the way it should be done, so I don’t have the right to call Adam’s performance here genius… but it was. Sure, there was a little out of control wailing on the chorus and he may have dropped a few words here and there, but color me impressed.

“STAYIN’ ALIVE” – Matt Giraud

I thought Matt came out strong, but that first falsetto note was awful. Then he got it back together, only to have the performance fall apart on him. And this is why people like Simon. After hearing three judges natter on about how Matt can really sing, Simon tells the truth and delivers the bad news.

“DIM ALL THE LIGHTS” – Anoop Desai

Anoop makes a bad mistake by either not staying with a ballad tempo through the entire song or at least revving it up in the end. Instead, the performance comes across as not very exciting. Anoop has been quoted as saying he’s very hard on himself, and you can see the disappointment on his face at the end. With two going home this week, it could be the bookends of the show, Lil and Anoop, although I’d rather see Lil and Matt go Home Sweet Home.



  1. Nomad Says:

    i’ve been really impressed with Kris for the last few episodes; he has become a real contender as of late

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