It’s “Standards From The Rat Pack Era” tonight on “Idol.” Of course, that doesn’t mean we heard much swing, unfortunately. Just about everyone chose songs identified with Sinatra, with one exception. Gee, I wonder who that could be? (Hint: He sang last!)

Let’s see what we got…


His version reminds me of Michael Buble, and sure enough, Michael has recorded the song. Kris seems confident and heats things up midway through the song. Speeding things up wasn’t necessary though. A nice job. And if Kris doesn’t make it in music, there’s always the CW…

“SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME” – Allison Iraheta

I liked what Jamie Foxx stressed in his mentoring: relating the song to your life in order to make it more heartfelt. That’s always been a problem in past seasons with many contestants not reflecting the lyrics in their performances.

Okay, I see what people are complaining about when it comes to Allison’s diction. The entire middle sounded like another language, like it’s one of those cases on “House” where the patient doesn’t realize they’re being affected by sickness which is changing their perceptions. Too bad, because Allison’s voice is impressive.


As soon as I heard the song title, I immediately thought of the master class in feeling Melinda Doolittle brought to this classic. This time, I didn’t agree with Jamie’s advice, as I didn’t find Matt’s deeper tones in the early part of the song that pleasing. I thought it sounded better when he started going a little higher. He had a nice catch in his voice, showing some emotion. Matt’s best performance in a while, which may spell trouble for Allison tomorrow night.

Funny thing… I read the review of the performances on MJ’s Big Blog before the show came on here in L.A. She thought Simon was throwing Kris and Allison under the bus in order to keep Matt and Danny in the competition. I read elsewhere that Simon had earlier predicted an Adam/Danny final and he may have wanted to help move things along to what he envisioned. But after seeing the actual performances, while I think Simon may have been undully harsh on Kris, I do think he said what he believed, as Allison really wasn’t that great.


I certainly didn’t expect this. Although he could have been a little looser posture-wise at first, Danny gave an excellent performance. He certainly stepped it up at the right time. Anyone predicting a surprise elimination of Danny will have to wait.

What does it say about these contestants that some of them gave their best performance in weeks on a night devoted to American standards?

“FEELING GOOD” – Adam Lambert

While I didn’t recognize this song, now that I’ve looked it up on Itunes, I know I’ve at least heard it before, because it’s on George Michael’s album, “Twenty-Five.” But the most famous rendition is by Nina Simone. Sammy Davis, Jr. also recorded it, making it eligible for tonight.

Turns out Randy had it right (that this was the most Broadway Adam has been) until he had it wrong (that this performance wasn’t that good). A very catchy song (I could have sung along with the chorus after hearing it the first time), it was really a showcase for one long held note. Wouldn’t you know it… just when the other contestants have a great night, Adam comes along and blows them all away. Ladies and gentlemen, your American Idol!



  1. Chris Fleury Says:

    Brilliant as always, I tweeted the link……………

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