This past weekend, I got the chance to cover the first press junkets for this summer’s onslaught of blockbuster movies. First up was “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” I certainly enjoyed the movie, thanks to lots of exciting action scenes and the as always perfect portrayal of Wolverine by Hugh Jackman. The movie also benefitted from a ferocious portrayal of Sabretooth by Liev Schreiber. I also enjoyed the way the film fitted into the previous “X-Men” movie continuity, as it was really a prequel to the excellent “X2.”

The interviews took place on the Fox lot on Saturday morning. While they had installed some nice backdrops on Stage 20 for the television interviews, the radio press conference took place in a tent outside the soundstage. We got five members of the cast at once, plus director Gavin Hood. As if it wasn’t hot enough in the unfortunately black colored tent,  Hugh Jackman was sitting right under a very hot light but it didn’t seem to bother him.

Most of the questions centered on the training that most of the actors undertook for the movie. Hugh said he never worked harder to get in shape, while Ryan Reynolds talked about training with swords for his portrayal of Deadpool and Taylor Kitsch constantly practiced manipulating a deck of cards to play Gambit.

One thing I found interesting as an X-Men fan is that originally Hugh wanted to make a movie about Wolverine’s adventures in Japan based on the popular 1982 miniseries by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller but he was convinced by Fox that after all the talk in the “X-Men” series about Wolverine’s origins that it would be better to finally show them. Jackman said he’d like to explore the Japanese material next if there was another Wolverine movie. Hugh’s not one to count on something that hasn’t yet happened though. Someone asked him if he would host the Oscars again and he replied, “They’d have to ask me first.”

As the cast members filed out, I took the opportunity to ask Hugh to sign my hardback copy of “Marvel: The Characters And Their Universe,” and he readily obliged. He’s definitely one of the more charming actors around and is always a pleasure to talk to.



  1. Flash Says:

    Wow – very cool. Looking forward to the film, gonna see it this weekend.

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