Attended my first junket in a while on Friday afternoon for the new kids’ adventure, “Aliens In The Attic.” I quite enjoyed the movie, which was rather clever and funny, and knew the press day would be just as painless to attend with just three sessions in an hour and fifteen minutes.

Interestingly, the stars we interviewed ran the gamut from an actress who first started working in live television during the 1950’s to a young actor whose first credit on IMDB was just six years ago. First up was Doris Roberts, who first gained my attention playing Mildred on the TV show “Remington Steele.” While Ms. Roberts often plays down to earth middle class types, in person she has a bit of the grand dame about her, while still remaining nice. While her longrunning role on “Everybody Loves Raymond” may be over, Doris is certainly keeping busy, with three movies ready for release. And for all her success in comedy, she admitted she never knew she could be funny until she heard the audience’s laughter while doing a Broadway play back in 1969.

Next up was Ashley Tisdale, who is well known for her role as Sharpay in the “High School Musical” movies. While a lot of actors can’t wait to leave playing teenagers behind, 24 year old Ashley is more than happy to do it as long as the parts are interesting. I asked her about creating her characters. She said that her aim is to keep things fresh when filming and so doesn’t memoritze any of her lines until the last minute. Fortunately, she has no problem with the memorization.

Last but not least, we interviewed two of the young male stars of the film, Carter Jenkins and Robert Hoffman. Robert has worked as a dancer and a choreographer in addition to acting. His training in movement serves him well in “Aliens In The Attic,” as he throws his body around quite a bit as the aliens control him. You could see during the interview he’s not much for sitting still, as he started rhythmically moving his neck. While Robert doesn’t feel the need to play gritty parts, his co-star Carter can’t wait to take on meaty roles.

I got to speak to Carter for a bit after the interviews while waiting for the valet to bring my car and told him how I worked on “Alvin & The Chipmunks.” He said “Aliens In the Attic” probably wouldn’t have gotten made without that previous hit.

It’s hard to tell early in an actor’s career if they’re going to be stars or even just continue to work on a regular basis. Based on their level heads and smarts shown during Friday’s interviews, I wish Ashley, Carter and Robert all the best in the future.


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