So there I was in line at the Marvel booth waiting to get some books signed by British writer, futurist and comics god Warren Ellis. There’s a cute girl behind me in line, soon joined by a friend of hers. From their conversation, I glean that she’s a writer and from a furtive look at her badge, I see that her name is Caitlin Kittredge. I ask her what she writes and she says urban fantasy.  Suddenly Warren Ellis arrives for the signing and this happens (as recounted on Caitlin’s website):

Warren: Caitlin!
Caitlin: Warren!
[Hugging happens]
Guy in queue behind me: That was the most awesome thing I have ever seen.
Caitlin: If you want to touch my hand, it’s five dollars.

Notice she never mentions yours truly. But she has gotten some good reviews for her books, so I might read one… after I figure out why someone who lives in Olympia, Washington uses the word “queue.”


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