While it usually takes an interesting lyric I can relate to for me to like a song, this list of my faves from the past year shows that a catchy melody certainly helps. As usual, country hits lead the way, with six of the ten showing at least a hint of twang.

10.  HER DIAMONDS – Rob Thomas

Heard this once while driving through Pennsylvania and started singing along with the chorus immediately.


Like it came through a wormhole from the eighties!

8.  PLEASE DON’T STOP THE RAIN – James Morrison

A friend of mine always buys the CD’s that come out under the “Now That’s What I Call Music” banner in England. Unlike the American versions, the British ones are two CD’s and usually provide either a great dance remake of an old song or some fun unheard in America blue eyed soul, like “Dream Catch Me”  by Newtin Faulkner from 2008 or this gem from the singer that previously scored with “Wonderful World .”


I’ve loved this song since 2006, when it appeared on Kellie Pickler’s first album. It was never released as a single, but Kellie gave the song another shot on her latest album and it finally become the hit it deserved to be all along.

6.  “THEN” – Brad Paisley

While Brad has been churning out clever hits about such up to date subjects as the internet and tabloid celebrity, he hasn’t forgotten how to write an affecting love song, and here’s the proof.

5.  “I RUN TO YOU” – Lady Antebellum

Just a catchy fun song that’s great to sing along to.

4.  “KISS A GIRL” – Keith Urban

Another country star who’s superb on both rockers and ballads, this showed the uptempo side of Keith’s personality.

3.  “FALLIN’ FOR YOU” – Colbie Caillat

I found Colbie’s “Breakthrough” to be a big step forward from her debut album, with this song leading the charge and bringing back the sound of California rock to the radio.

2.  “FIFTEEN” – Taylor Swift

For those that complain Taylor just isn’t country enough, try to remember that great country songwriting is in the details, and no writer this year has put more of the details of real life into their songs than Taylor. Plus she’s no slouch at coming up with a memorable melody. I can’t wait until her songs catch up with her age and take on a more adult perspective.

1.  “BEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE” – Kellie Pickler

A song I never got tired of hearing. And what do you know, Taylor Swift had a hand in writing this one too… as well as “You Belong With Me,” “The Best Day,” and a number of others that make this without a doubt the year of Taylor Swift…


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