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December 30, 2009

I’m working out of my home this week, as I fulfill my duties as the researcher on ABC’s “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.” While the three writers of the show are freezing in New York City, I’m handling their research requests right here in my bedroom. I thought I’d give you a rundown of the kind of things I have to do for the job.

When I first started work on the show a few weeks ago, the first order of business was to put together some montages with such themes as the biggest music hits of the past year and the biggest films at the box office of 2009. Of course, thanks to the huge holiday movie attendance this past week, I can tell you that our original pick for number five has changed places with the former number four biggest hit of the year. Since we knew there was a chance of that happening, the editors put together two versions of the movie montage. Let’s just hope “Avatar” doesn’t make it to number five before New Year’s Eve. Keep your fingers crossed!

Anyway, after tracking down trailers for the movie montage (not too hard to do thanks to the free trailer section of Itunes) and music videos for the music hits montage (many of which were already in house from the American Music Awards), I just had to obtain some photos for a third montage that I won’t name but that you can see during the 10:00 hour of “Rockin’ Eve.” The theme of the montage actually changed four times on the last day we had to complete it. Some of the ideas you won’t be seeing: the most searched for celebrities on the internet and the greatest gadgets of the past decade. Fortunately, we went back to our original idea, for which I already had collected most of the photos we needed, but not all. Thanks to the Christmas holidays, some of the stars I needed photos of were either on hiatus and had closed their offices or were too busy taping their final shows of the year to okay photos, which is why two hours before the deadline, I was driving around Hollywood visiting photo shops to buy what I needed. Fortunately, Hollywood Book & Poster came through and I was able to drop off the photos with the editor in time to get to a screening of “Sherlock Holmes” afterward.

Although I breathed a sigh of relief thinking the hard work was done, it didn’t take long for me to realize it had hardly begun. Since the writers arrived in New York late last week, I’ve been bombarded with questions about things they wanted to include in the script. First I gathered some fun trivia and updates about guest stars Jennifer Lopez and Daughtry that could be included in their introductions and dialogue with host Ryan Seacrest. Next up was the updating of facts about New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Things like changes to the Famous Ball (288 of theĀ  Waterford Crystals covering the Ball have been replaced with newly designed ones) and how much confetti is dropped (over a ton). The writers also wanted to know things like who were some of the honorees who in the past helped push the button that starts the Ball on it’s downward journey (Christopher Reeve, Muhammad Ali and last year Bill and Hillary Clinton) and how big is the cleanup crew that tidies up Times Square after the big event. Well, I’m still waiting for the New York Department of Sanitation to call me back with the answer to that one, but for the most part, I’ve found the answers on the internet or by asking the very helpful staff at the Times Square Alliance, the organization which is responsible for promoting Times Square.

My deal with the show says I have to be available for questions right up until midnight New Year’s Eve. That’s East Coast Time of course, so I have time to go out and celebrate if I want to. But I’ll probably stay in and watch the show and clap when my name shows up in the credits.

To you and yours, have a Happy New Year!