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January 22, 2008

I’ve been seeing possible Oscar contenders for two months now, and it turned out I did pretty well. I’ve seen four of the five Best Picture and Best Actor nominees, although only one of the Best Actress performances. Now I can really focus on seeing what’s left.

Still, I think I’ve seen enough to put out some guesses as to the winners. I’m rooting for “No Country For Old Men” to win Best Picture and I think it has a good chance, considering another violent epic, “The Departed,” won last year. I’d go with Daniel Day-Lewis for Best Actor (while watching the film, I thought Daniel’s character wasn’t overly emotional enough to win, but in the last half hour, he really turns on the fireworks). Of course, it’s always possible Hollywood will want to award George Clooney just for being George Clooney…

As for Best Actress, Julie Christie has won many awards for her work in “Away From Her” and seems on track to take home her second Best Actress award (she won back in 1965 for “Darling”). The Supporting awards might as well have been given out already, with Javier Bardem and Cate Blanchett seeming like sure things. Best Director is a tossup between the Coen Brothers and Paul Thomas Anderson, while I’d go with Diablo Cody’s “Juno” for Best Original Screenplay and the Coens for Best Adapted Screenplay for “No Country For Old Men.”

And finally, I haven’t heard any of the Best Song nominees. I would think one of the “Enchanted” songs will win, if they don’t split the votes between themselves, allowing the song “Falling Slowly from “Once” to sneak in.