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December 24, 2008

Here’s a list of the interviews I enjoyed the most during the past year. I only included interviews that were live and in person, which leaves out some memorable phone interviews by the likes of Nelly Furtado and Katy Perry. Oh, and I think it will be more interesting if we countdown to number one. Shall we?

10. Kate Hudson & Matthew McConaughey, “Fool’s Gold”:

For once, I didn’t mind it when two stars were paired up. They had an easy chemistry together that made for a fun interview.

9.  Ashton Kutcher & Rod Corddry, “What Happens In Vegas”:

Ashton was very funny, especially when telling a story about how he was watching an old episode of  “That 70’s Show” at a hotel, making the maid think he was a bit conceited.

8.  Paris Hilton & Christine Lakin, “The Hottie And The Nottie”:

Notable because I sat next to Paris, who I had never seen in person. Turns out co-star Christine did most of the talking. When the interview was over, there was a moment when Paris stood up but didn’t leave the room. I think she was waiting to see if anyone wanted an autograph, which I thought was thoughtful of her.

7.  Matthew Fox, “Speed Racer”:

The “Speed Racer” interviews took place in the Long Beach Convention Center, while time trials for the Long Beach Grand Prix went on outside. So every minute or so, there was a loud vroom noise. But I didn’t mind because not only did I get to ask Matthew a question about his work on “Lost,” he became the second “Lost” star to sign my Season One “Lost” DVD set.

6.  Sarah Michelle Gellar, “The Air That I Breathe”:

Totally charming in person, plus she gave a memorable defense of her decisions to appear in unusual roles in small indie projects.

5.  Sir Ben Kingsley, “The Wackness”:

One of the world’s greatest actors gives a 20 minute class on being a great actor.

4.  Jason Castro, “American Idol”:

I sat in on Fred Bronson’s interviews with all of this year’s “Idol” finalists and I enjoyed listening to Jason the most. Yes, David Cook’s thoughtfulness and smarts explained why he was doing so well choosing songs and David Archuleta’s sweetness and love of music shone through, but Jason’s laidback persona was the most enjoyable of all. Plus it was amazing to hear first hand the story of how little he had performed before he reached the “Idol” stage and even more amazing to hear his hints that he was ready to go home.

3.  David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson, “The X-Files”

Mulder & Scully, together again…. even if they did disagree with the basis of my question about how after all the times Mulder saved Scully on the show, it was nice to see the tables turned in the movie (David insisted Scully was always coming to Mulder’s rescue during the series’ run).

2.  Kristin Bell, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”:

My first chance ever to interview Kristin, who was as lovely and funny as, well, Veronica Mars. Plus she signed my Season One DVD set of “Mars,” making up for the fact I had nothing to get autographed when I found out Kristin was doing a signing at the San Diego Comic-Con a few years back.

1.  Russell Brand, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”:

Like many Americans, I had never heard of British comedian Russell Brand before I saw “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” which was one of my favorite movies of the year,  in no small part due to Brand’s hilarious performance. But I assumed that the outrageous rock star persona in the film was an excellent acting job, never thinking for one second that what was on the screen was actually close to the real Russell Brand. But Russell walked in the room in all his leather panted glory and proceeded to give one of the funniest interviews ever. In the radio room, we try not to laugh when the interview subject is talking but this was one day when we had no chance not to!



December 15, 2008

Every year it seems that while I have a hard time coming up with 10 great movies for my list of the Best Of 2008, I have absolutely no problem filling up the worst list. Here’s this year’s parade of shame:

1.  “OVER HER DEAD BODY” – While Eva Longoria and Lake Bell are very attractive ladies, they are left stranded with a boring script.

2.  “THE HOTTIE AND THE NOTTIE” – There are two Paris Hilton movies on this list, yet Paris is one of the best things in both of them. This might have been a tolerable romantic comedy but for the decision to make “The Nottie” so hideous looking and unlikeable.

3.  “DARK STREETS” – I couldn’t wait for this one to end. Fortunately it was only 90 minutes long. A lead with no charisma and a story that takes place in a rediculous film noir fantasyland adds up to sheer boredom. The musical numbers were okay though…

4.  “WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS” – The typical romantic comedy problem of making perfectly nice people awful to each other for no reason other than that’s what has to happen or there’s no movie rears its ugly head…

5.  “REPO: THE GENETIC OPERA” – Poor casting sunk this one. If a few more of the leads had as much charisma as the narrator, this could have been fun. It was also hurt by the need to include the Genetic Opera in the finale, which made no sense at all…

6.  “SPEED RACER” – A bit of editing would have helped this one. No kids’ movie should be over two hours!

7.  “LEATHERHEADS” – While I’m a big fan of the black and white comedies this movie pays tribute to, they had interesting plots…

8.  “THE MUMMY 3” – Everytime the script said if the Dragon Emperor did something, he would rule the world, he did it… and then it turned out he had to do something else to rule the world, extending the movie on and on. Add to that hiding Jet Li’s expressiveness and charisma under CGI, the loss of Rachel Weitz and the stupid Yeti Ex Machina, you’ve got a big disappointment. I liked the sets though…

9.  “HORTON HEARS A WHO” – While I enjoyed Jim Carrey’s Horton, the Whos not so much…

10. “THE WACKNESS” – While Josh Peck is likable and Olivia Thirlby is the best actress you’ve haven’t heard of yet, the knockabout adventures of a young drug dealer just didn’t connect with me.

NOT-SO-HONORABLE MENTION:  “THE ACCIDENTAL HUSBAND” – Another boring romantic comedy that would have come in third on my list but for the fact it’s release date was changed to 2009 the very day I went to see it.

SPECIAL CATEGORY:  “THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE” – While I don’t think I could ever put an “X-Files” movie on a list of the year’s worst (even this misfire had the pleasure of seeing Mulder And Scully again and included a pretty good chase scene), who oh why did Chris Carter not do a scary monster movie while he had the chance? I’m sure that’s what the fans were expecting. A creepy human villain just didn’t make the grade, even if he was kidnapping people to use them for body transplants…


March 6, 2008

Sorry, but this column isn’t for Bullwinkle aficionados. I just wanted to mention that ever since I read the coverage of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson’s appearance at the recent WonderCon in San Francisco, I’ve been very excited about the return of “The X-Files” to the big screen (if you watched the show, you know that Duchovny’s character Fox Mulder once referred to himself and Agent Scully as Moose And Squirrel).

During its 9 season run, “The X-Files” was my favorite show. I really enjoyed piecing together the clues to understanding the conspiracy that executive producer Chris Carter created, and the humorous give and take between Mulder and Scully made them my favorite TV couple. So while I also appreciated the sci-fi and horror plots, the most memorable moments of the show for me were between Mulder and Scully, such as when Mulder showed Scully how to hit a baseball in the episode, “The Unnatural,” or when the pair took a turn on the dance floor to the music of Cher in “The Post-Modern Prometheus.”

So of course, as a fan, I especially enjoyed attending the junket for 1998’s “The X-Files: Fight The Future.” Not only did I get to see the movie early, it was my first chance to meet the stars (and to get them to autograph a keepsake for me, a Cinefantastique with Mulder and Scully on the cover). But my favorite moment came as Chris Carter was leaving our table after our fifteen minutes with him. I said, “So the reason that bee got stuck in Scully’s collar was because of the alien implant in her neck, right?” While Chris didn’t give me a direct answer, he did smile, so I knew I was right. And just like that, all the pieces of the conspiracy that was the backbone of “The X-Files” fell into place.

Ever since, every time I’ve had a chance to interview David Duchovny, I’ve brought along a piece of “X-Files” memorabilia to autograph, and he’s always signed it gladly. Unfortunately, I haven’t interviewed Gillian Anderson since, as she’s mostly been working in England in recent years.

I do have one worry about the “X-Files” sequel though. Chris Carter has promised to make the movie very scary. How am I supposed to enjoy the reunion of two of my favorite characters while I’m hiding my eyes?